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September 2021

September 2021 will mark the official launch of The London Creative Showcase. This event will be the first of its kind in the UK and will be hosted in London.

With the support of its partners and sponsors, The London Creative Showcase will deliver a full day of film screenings, presentations and live entertainment. All followed by after show celebrations.

The London Creative Showcase will be a celebration of independent filmmaking and the diversity of stories to be told by UK film talent. It is a fabulous array of films with a sprinkling of magic that embrace and celebrate cohesion of the LGBT and BAME communities and take you on a journey of love, hurt and hope through history and the now. 

The Venues

The Prince Charles Cinema

7 Leicester Pl, London WC2H 7BY

The Film Programme

Date: 09/09/2021
Venue: The Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

Leee John's Police and Thieves

+ Q&A with Leee John and Leroy Logan

The brain child of LEEE JOHN lead vocalist and writer of the group Imagination, inspired by his observations of the challenges facing
young people today. His aim, to assist in helping and supporting young people globally to make the right life choices and ultimately achieve their full potential and in turn becoming positive contributors to their communities and society as a whole. The “Do it Right Now “, initiative is a campaign to enhance people to embrace the moment and make the most of life. From the acclaimed album “RETROPIA “the music tracks “ Do it Right Now “ and “Police and Thieves “ act as central focus points of a bigger global campaign, which echoes with the message of support and exposure can and WILL change lives.
“Real life people selected from the London community have been used to assist us to share this very important message of the ‘Police and Thieves film and video.

Their testimonies include their dilemmas, challenges, leading to their own personal triumphs”
In the film LEEE JOHN features a mixed group of youngsters, living in and throughout the London community each with their own individual way of expressing and presenting themselves.

Leroy Logan (MBE, PHD Retired Superintendent) appears in the film and video along with other key contributors, each mentoring between the communitiesand policing the youth culture… In this video imagery Leee John also shows examples of positive real life success stories, peoples individual struggle’s and triumphs over adversity in helping to provide the audience a clear and first hand insight into the opinions and mind-set of modern ordinary young people in todays society. We hope in our aim that this film has successfully balanced some of life’s hard and sometimes frightening facts with an underline message of continuing hope as well as a strong source of inspiration to ALL who can truly identify throughout these life experiences in today’s society.


A test screening of a short film by Cathy Tyson. All press and reviews are embargoed until further notice for this film.


Three members of the LGBTQ+ community struggling with circumstances in their personal life, meet at remembrance gathering in Soho to mark the anniversary of 1999 London nail bombings which were intended to divide the community.

Chameleon is a short film made with a diverse cast crew that takes a glance at the lives of three individuals with links to LGBTQ+ community, when they come together to remember people that were injured or killed in the bombings, but realise that although the bombs in Brixton, Bethnal Green and Soho were designed to divide communities apart, only made them stronger.  This gives them the courage to still attend the Pride Celebrations.

Directed by Neil T Humphries
Based on an Original Script by Neil T Humphries 
and idea by Christopher A. Smith
Executive Producer Christopher A. Smith
Produced by Natasha Marburger
Original Music by She is Faber


In the North American wilderness some years ago, a young man travelling across uncharted territory is warned by ageing Pawnee Indian of impending cold weather of great severity, the man decides to press on with his journey regardless…
Relsah Productions:
One of the UK’s Most Dynamic Independent Filmmaking Families

Relsah Productions was established in 2017 to produce the film projects of one of the UK’s most exciting young independent filmmakers, Elliott Hasler. The company was set up by his father Simon Hasler establishing a unique family film production company that aims to make ambitious and inspiring independent feature films.

Based in Brighton their films to date include Elliott’s first feature film, WWII The Long Road Home, completed when he was just 16 years old, this was followed by the short film To Hunt a Tiger and they are currently completing their second feature film,Vindication Swim

Peter Straker

“Peter Straker” was born in Jamaica and arrived in the UK as a child in 50’s alongside many who migrated as part of the wind rush generation.

“Straker” has been hailed as one of the great voices of the British stage who first shot to fame in 1968 starring as Hud in the original London production of ‘Hair’. His acclaimed acting and singing career has spanned some 50 years including stage and screen working with notable performers as Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney, Karen Black, Susana York, Stephanie Beacham, Norman Beaton, Tom Baker, Diana Quick, Derek Griffiths, Pam Ferris, Helena Bonham Carter as well as Freddie Mercury, Ruby Turner and Pete Townsend.

Presented in a new HD restoration using rare film elements, GIRL/STROKE/BOY will make its world Blu-ray premiere presentation at the London screening showcase (name tbc) at the Prince Charles Cinema, London on Thursday 9th September 2021 followed by a Q & A with “Peter Straker” and is due for Blu-ray DVD release in January 2022.

Bob Kellett’s film, based on David Percival’s play Girlfriend, is an uproarious British twist on Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, with straightlaced, conservative, middle class parents (Michael Hordern and Joan Greenwood) shocked when their son (Clive Francis) brings home his new ‘girlfriend’ Jo (played by the indomitable “Straker”) Delighting in breaking taboos, and exposing both the racial and sexual prejudices of the time, GIRL/STROKE/BOY was unique in its frank discussion of race and gender politics – and emerges even more significant and relevant today.

Considered highly controversial at the time of its release, GIRL/STROKE/BOY has gone on to embrace a universal cult classic status reflecting Britain’s pioneering, yet problematic, relationship with onscreen sexuality.

Currently “Straker” is in the studio recording new song material and has previously released a number of albums including a special deluxe x 3 disc box set titled “THIS ONE’S ON ME” (2020) and his latest single, “Late Night Taxi Dancer 2020.” To date “Straker” continues to perform here in the UK and Internationally.

Mr Fabulous behind the glitter ball

This film charts the exceptional life of Jay Kamiraz, a man whose life journey can only be described as amazing. He has moved and inspired many all over the world, gaining him the respect and admiration of those who meet him, from private individual to royalty.

Mr Fabulous tells the story of one man’s battles with sexual prejudice, racial stigma and inequality. It charts his rise to fame and the evolution that produce his public persona “ Mr Fabulous. This  film is about triumph over adversity, which ultimately gives a message of hope. 

Between the Sheets

A Senior Police Officer nearing retirement, frustrated with the success of his younger colleague, decides to use outdated, unconventional methods with potentially disastrous results for all concerned.

Between the Sheets is a short film which has a satirical glance at the lengths individuals will go to protect those nearest and dearest to them, with potentially dangerous consequences for all concerned.

Centred around the interview of a Police Constable arrested for possession of drugs; the arresting officer, subject to bullying and harassment by his manager, is flabbergasted at the lengths his senior officer DCI Baggerly will deploy, to protect the guilty.

Using a diverse cast and crew, the film tackles stereotypical behaviour with an unexpected twist.

Written and directed by Neil T Humphries
Executive Producer Chris A Smith
Producers Alison Joy Smith and Stuart Croll

The Magical Toy Shop

Emma is a struggling young actor, despondent at her apparent inability to live up to her late mother’s name in the theatre industry and having to work at her grandfather, Oliver’s, Toy Shop to try and make ends meet.

Unbeknownst to her, things are not always as they seem and Oliver still has a trick or two up his sleeve.

Beckoning her over to where he is customarily sat in front of an old toy theatre, he reveals a surprising truth about Emma’s mother and how she used to enjoy playing with the very same toy theatre.​
With a little touch of magic, Emma begins to see the culmination of her dreams morph into life on stage, allowing her to reconnect to her mother and re-discover her love of acting and to remember to never lose the child within her.

The Ethos

One of the event’s main sponsors, Westminster Unison believes in diversity and inclusion in its widest sense. With its saving jobs campaign Westminster Unison is enthusiastically embracing the re-opening the hospitality sector in London’s West End and supporting emerging talent.. It appreciates that Central London is a global community with local needs. 

Both the event organisers and Westminster Unison intend to also take the opportunity to offer vital, on the job training and work experience. Collaborating  closely with the London South Bank University and other Central London education providers.

Sponsors, partners and supporters

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